Fitment Guide

Will my phone/case work with a dock?

Sadly, we can't tell you for all the different phones and cases available. However, just remember the golden rule — your phone is sliding in and out of a slot.

Most cases generally work — smooth symmetrical cases are best.

Some disqualifiers include:

  1. Connector flaps/covers (unless removed)
  2. Protruding hang-up points
  3. No case edge glass protection (your discretion to use)
  4. Bare phones (your discretion to use)

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.

What size is my phone/case? 

Great question! Our docks have 8mm (5/16") of adjustment. So, it's extremely important to know your phone/case dimensions or our docks simply won't fit.

You need two dimensions:

  • Depth (smallest)
  • Width (next smallest)

    Three Recommended Methods

    1. Manufacturer Provided (Simplest)

    Manufacturer Provided Dimensions Example

    Navigate to your case's online product page specifications from the manufacturer or retailer. Sometimes they're printed directly on the packaging. The above example is:

    • Depth: 12mm
    • Width: 82mm

    If your case has larger protrusions, it's recommended to verify with a ruler/caliper. The manufacturer dimensions may include include unneeded additional distance.

      2. Digital Caliper (Most Accurate)

      Caliper Example Depth Reading 10.5mm Caliper Example Width Reading of 74mm

      These tools can be had for as little as $10-15 and can even be found locally. They are simple to use and nice to have in your household toolbox. Make sure you zero before use and take the outer most measurements — remember the golden rule, your phone is sliding in a slot. 

      The above example for ordering is:

      • Depth: 11mm (rounding up)
      • Width: 74mm

        3. Ruler (Caution Required)

        Be careful with this method — it's extremely easy to take inaccurate measurements. You'll need a: 

        • Ruler
        • Hard Straight Edge


        Use the straight edge to align your phone to the zero of the ruler.


        Repeat on the other side to take your measurement. 

        The above example for ordering is:

        • Depth: 11mm (rounding up)
        • Width: 75mm (rounding up)

        Which dock size do I order?

        Manufacturer Provided Dimensions Example

        Once you have your phone/case dimensions — choose a dock size range with your dimensions in the middle. This allows the greatest freedom to fine tune fitment. For the above example, you would order:

        • Depth: "7 - 15mm" OR "9 - 17mm"
        • Width: "77 - 85mm" OR "79 - 87mm"

        And that's it! Hopefully the process does not seem too complicated!

        Will my wallet, kickstand, grip, or attachment work?

        Attachment Docking

        Docks can accommodate these up to a:

        • Depth: 5mm + unused dock depth
        • Width: Your dock's max width minus 20mm 

        For example, a dock with a "77 - 85mm" width size can accommodate an attachment with a depth of 5mm + unused dock depth and a width of 65mm (85 - 20 = 65mm).

        If your attachment bulk is towards the middle or top of the phone, the depth limit is negated as seen above.

        Send us a message for your particular use case if you would like more details!