About Us

Meet Donovan

Owner, Founder

Mobile devices are connected to all aspects of modern life and, as of recent years, our vehicles. However, Donovan was not happy with existing bulky one-size-fits-all docks and mounts. There had to be a better way than suction cups, clamps, loose cables, and fussy wireless systems.

DockTailors was founded in 2022 in West Saint Paul, MN to make normally cost prohibitive vehicle-specific docking solutions a reality. Over the course of 18 months, Donovan developed a system to design and build custom docks at scale using truly innovative technology and methods.

More than a Profession


Donovan has an M.S. in Information Technology from the University of St. Thomas, MN and professional Fortune 100 engineering firm experience. In his spare time, he helps run a local Italian motorcycle group and can often be found working on anything mechanical.

Commited to Excellence


Donovan is a US Marine Corps veteran — founding DockTailors on a commitment to excellence, quality, and innovation. Our docks are designed and made in the USA, in house, using USA and imported parts. We hope that our commitment can be seen in our work.