Tailor Made for Your Vehicle

Precision One-Handed Docking
Native Wired Android Auto/Apple CarPlay
Native Wired Charging
No Wireless Hiccups or Overheating

Great for Android Auto/Apple CarPlay

Phone Alignment System

Align your phone under 1mm for the perfect fit. We provide 54 sliding rails in .5mm increments to dial in the perfect sliding action — that's less than a credit card!

No wobbly or loose adjustable clamps.

Cable Mount System

Our docks use a simple USB cable mounting and alignment system. No complicated electronics.

Professional grade USB cables means reliable long life.

Reverse Clamping System

We use a large double reverse clamping mechanism to hold our docks in your dash or console — no vehicle modifications!

Soft high friction synthetic rubber means a tough installation.

  • Not a One-Size-Fits-All

    Designed specifically for your vehicle. No bulky clamps, mess, suction cups, or loose cords. No vehicle modifications required.

  • Professional Grade USB Cables

    Replaceable and non-proprietary. Our docks do not use any complicated electronics.

  • Quality Engineering

    Stainless steel and lead free brass hardware. Designed and made in USA, using USA and imported parts.