Phone/Case Sizing

See fitment guide.


Do I need tools to install?

No, we provide all the tools required — typically just an Allen wrench.

Do I need to modify my vehicle?

No, we designed our docks specifically to install in a non-permanent manner — using our Reverse Clamping System.

Will the dock really stay in place during long term docking?

Yes! We use soft high friction synthetic rubber and a large Reverse Clamping System to really hold the dock in place. USB-C and Lightning connectors require ~5lbs of force to remove. During long term testing over 12 months+, our mechanism was more than enough to keep the dock in place.


How does the Phone Alignment System work?

Our Phone Alignment System consists of 54 adjustment rails in fine .5mm increments, less than a credit card, to adjust the dock’s slot as close as possible to your phone. Your phone will have less than 1mm of clearance for precise but smooth sliding. The dock’s cable is also adjustable in all directions to really fine tune docking.

These rails allow for a precision non-loosening fit around your phone and a spot on docking experience. No connector searching or wobbly phone.

Why a wired dock over wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay and wireless charging?

It's a matter of preference with pros and cons for each. Some vehicles do not have wireless chargers or wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay at all — requiring expensive, messy, and sometimes temperamental aftermarket dongles and chargers.

Wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay also draws a significant amount of battery requiring the use of a wireless charger. Some users may find that their phones do not charge as well as a wired connection and/or overheat. This is due to the phone working and wirelessly charging — both of which produce heat, especially in sunny climates. 

Our docks on the other hand are essentially a simple wired connection without any of the above drawbacks — while eliminating the traditional issues of a messy loose cord or bulky universal dock.

I can’t see the screen?

No, these are designed for applications like Android Auto or Apple CarPlay where your phone’s screen is displayed into your car.

How do I set up Android Auto or Apple CarPlay if I can’t see the screen?

We recommend setting it up before you install your dock. If your dock was ordered with a cable opening, you can plug in another USB cable to complete the setup without removing the dock to do so.

Will a dock damage my phone?

Phone docks have been around for years. Unlike most traditional docks, your phone is supported in a 55mm (2.2”) tall slot. Further, the slot is angled to allow your phone to rest with gravity and minimize vibrations.

Our phone alignment system allows for less than 1mm of clearance for extremely precise docking — see alignment section above for more. Further, the dock rides on your case's outer edges rather than your phone. See fitment guide for more.

We believe all the above means that your phone and cable are more supported than typical undocked cable use like bumps, drops, or other pressures on the cable. USB-C connectors are also rated for ~10,000 cycles. Modern connectors are extremely robust compared to older connectors.

However, we cannot account for all scenarios and variations in phones/cases. It is ultimately up to you to properly fit the dock to your phone and determine if docking is satisfactory to your specific use case. If not, please contact us immediately for assistance or initiate a return within 30 days.

Cable Mounts

What is a DockTailors Cable Mount?

A Cable Mount consists of two pieces:

  1. Commercially available USB cable
  2. Matching DockTailors mount to attach the cable to our docks

Can I use my own cable in a new dock?

No unfortunately. You must purchase a new cable with each dock due to the mounting mechanism and to minimize issues from common poor-quality cables. Android Auto/Apple CarPlay are very sensitive to cable quality due to the amount of data being transferred to and from your car.

Am I locked into buying proprietary cables from you in the future?

Absolutely not! We are open to the origin of the commercially available cables in our docks as seen in our Replacement Cable Mounts listings — you are more than welcome to purchase them on your own. However, you must have the appropriate mount to attach it to our dock.

My cable wore out. What do I do?

Oh no! You can buy a replacement cable and mount from us or purchase the same cable from other sources.

What cables do you use in your mounts?

We have selected cables from Tripp Lite by Eaton.

Are the cables high quality?

Yes! Cable quality is extremely important for Android Auto/Apple CarPlay use. We believe the Tripp Lite by Eaton cables to be professional grade — beyond dubious quality entry level consumer grade cables. The cables we’ve selected are third party certified*, use gold plated contacts, and performed flawlessly during our long-term testing.

What type of cables are they?

They are USB 2.0 cables in 3ft/1M or 6ft/2M lengths depending on the dock/vehicle. We do not offer USB 3.0+ cables as they can be quite thick and cumbersome to use. They are also not necessary for Android Auto, Apply CarPlay, or standard duty charging. 

I’m switching phones. Can I buy a new cable and keep the same dock?

Yes! Check out our Replacement Cable Mounts in our store.

I’m switching cars. Can I buy a new dock and keep my existing cable mount?

No unfortunately. Good cable quality is critical for applications like Android Auto/Apple CarPlay. To minimize issues, we require the purchase of a new cable with each new dock.


Where are your docks manufactured?

Our docks are designed and made in the USA using primarily USA and some imported parts.

What hardware do you use?

We use all stainless steel and lead-free brass hardware.

What manufacturing process do you use?

We use high quality 3D printing to enable us to bring tailor made vehicle specific docks to you. We are not churning out inexpensive universal products by the thousands. Also, our 3D printers are not hobby grade units that are often used by other early 3D printed products that you may have encountered.

Are your 3D printed parts high quality?

Yes! We take advantage of the benefits of 3D printing unlike many of our competitors — such as designing thick single piece parts impossible by traditional manufacturing. For example, the cover plates that you see on top of our docks are a solid one-piece unit at 1CM (.4”) thick! The dock bases are even thicker.

Will your docks stand up to extreme cold or extreme heat?

We publish temperature ratings for all our docks. In short, we believe our docks fit most users in the USA during our long-term testing over 12 months+. Colder weather beyond the limits does not appear to be much issue during testing. However, extreme temperatures especially in heat beyond 160 degrees Fahrenheit may cause dock failure. We have taken steps to minimize the effect of high temperatures by designing the dock's thick 1cm cover plate system to shield the load bearing base and cable from the sun — the ultimate cause of extreme heat.

Regardless, our temp ratings are not because of the dock construction itself but cable limitations as well — the limiting factor in our cold weather rating. Many manufacturers have much lower ratings or fail to publish them at all. If you have concerns for your specific area, please contact us to advise if our docks are right for you.


*USB-IF or Apple MFi certified if available. USB A-C cables are not certified as they are not currently available from the original manufacturer in a USB 2.0 format (2023 Nov 16).